The PolyVia product is a polyimide-based plugged via option that customers can add to their plated-through hole designs in order to stop epoxy or solder bleed-thru during assembly operations. The technology uses a polyimide resin that is deposited into each plated–through hole and then cured. Once cured, the PolyVia plugs exhibit excellent adhesion and thermal stability to gold and other thin film metal films. The PolyVia system eliminates epoxy or solder bleed-through but at a much lower cost than the pure metal filled via products like UltraVia, CopperVia, or Hi-Rel CopperVia that UltraSource offers.


For Design Guidelines See Plated-Thru Holes and Filled Vias.

PolyVia cross-section viewed at 80x magnification
PolyVia cross-section viewed at 80x magnification.