The UltraBridge, UltraInductor and UltraCapacitor technologies are being used as the intelligent alternative to outdated interconnect technologies in common microwave and wireless components, multi-chip modules and subsystems. Here's one example of how it can be employed.

Product Coupler

Lange couplers are a common circuit used in microwave applications. They provide equal power division and 90 degrees of phase shift between the coupled ports. They are widely used as power combiner and splitters in microwave amplifiers and in mixers/modulators. They are based upon interdigitated lines with narrow lines and tight spaces. UltraSource's approach has been successfully employed in the design and fabrication of Lange couplers, offering layout of line spaces as precise as .0004" (10 microns) and controlled to tolerances of 1.5 microns.This figure shows a model of a Lange coupler. Note how there are no wire-bonds. The connections between fingers of the coupler are made by the metal traces which are isolated from the fingers. This creates a highly reliable connection. Another benefit is that the connection is very repeatable. This is important for obtaining repeatable performance from circuits such as balanced amplifiers and modulators.


Nominal Performance


The circuit was modeled in HFSS and the predicted performance is shown. Note how insertion loss is nearly the ideal 3 dB value. Also, the return loss and isolation are very good. The performance goal is 7-11 GHz with equal power split. This was easily obtained with good electrical match and isolation.




Lange couplers provide a simple example of the varied potential for employing multilayer UltraTechnologies in next generation high frequency designs.