Thank You! 

IMS2016 in San Francisco

As they say: "Location, location, location!" We feel that IMS2016 was a busy show this year with more foot traffic than we've seen in a while! We think San Francisco as the location is hard to beat! 

Our Business Development Team had many people stop by asking about "thin substrates". UltraSource has been fabricating on ultra-thin substrates for over 25 years. For a list of thin materials, see our website at  Thin is In! (And We Can Help) for more details.

Ultra-Thin Circuit Samples

Many customers also told our Business Development Team that it is taking up to 6 weeks to receive their prototypes from our competitors. UltraSource has a means of building prototypes much faster than that  with our UltraFASTprogram - some in as little as 4-7 Days (for program details, click the UltraFAST link or contact us.

UltraFast - Thin Film Rapid Prototyping

If ever in San Francisco, Michael Casper, USI's CEO and President, highly recommends the "Helmet Nachos" at the AT&T Park where the San Francisco Giants play baseball. (Yes, that's a batting helmet filled with Nachos!)

To learn more, contact us at:  (800) 742-9410 or visit our website