Your choice of plated through-holes or filled vias

UltraSource offers two options for pass-through conductance. First, we offer highly reliable plated through-holes, with diameters as low as 50% of the substrate thickness. These through-holes are laser drilled, de-slagged and repetitively cleaned for optimum metallization adhesion, and they are sputtered from each substrate side for maximum step coverage and reliability. When necessary, edge wrap around techniques, including patterned edge wraps, can connect isolated front-to-back conductors.

DG Hole1

Annular borders around plated through-holes:

DG Hole2

Plated through-hole sizes:

Preferred Hole
Allowable Hole
.005 ø.004" ø.003"–.005
.010 ø.006" ø.006"–.010
.015 ø.008" ø.008"–.015
.020 ø.010" ø.010"–.020
.025 ø.012" ø.012"–.025

Solid Filled Vias
To address issues that are sometimes associated with plated through-hole technology, UltraSource also offers solid filled vias. These vias eliminate epoxy and/or solder extrusion during assembly process, provide a planar and low-resistance microwave grounding path, and offer a high thermal conductivity cooling path for high power die.

UltraSource offers three types of solid filled via circuits. They are available on alumina (Al2O3), aluminum nitride (AlN) and beryllium oxide (BeO) substrates and are post polished to provide a high quality, planar surface.

  • Solid gold (Au) filled vias
  • Solid copper (Cu) filled vias

Solid filled via design parameters: Please refer to pages 10 & 11 of the Design Guidelines (below).


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