UltraSource shares the concern of our customers that the sources of minerals used in the manufacture of our products are not considered "conflict minerals." Conflict minerals pertain to certain minerals (such as tin and gold) that are mined in countries where conditions of armed conflict and human rights abuses are reported to be occurring; most notably in eastern provinces of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

Our commitment to address this concern includes a two step approach:

  1. UltraSource has taken steps to ensure that the purchased materials used in our manufacturing process (such as gold paste) that contain minerals (such as tin) are free of conflict minerals. UltraSource has written assurances from many of its suppliers of metal alloy materials used in the manufacturing process of UltraSource's products that the sources of such minerals and raw materials are not from the DRC or other nations or regions in violation of human rights.

  2. UltraSource is also working with our supply chain to ensure that the purchased materials used in our products are free of materials containing conflict minerals. We are asking that our suppliers support our concern and we are involved in an ongoing effort to collect the necessary supporting data and applicable evidence as part of our due diligence.