Full Service Thin Film Fabrication Facility

UltraSource is a full service thin film fabrication facility, which means that in addition to having the modern equipment to process your thin film orders efficiently, we're here to help you produce everything from your first prototype to your high volume production runs. Our dedicated program management teams include experienced product managers, application engineers, and project managers that will support you throughout your entire project.


UltraSource guarantees superior thin film bonding characteristics for various metal systems, starting with the industry standards of Titanium-Tungsten, Nickel (optional), and Gold.

You also have the option of the following metals deposited using sputtered and/or electroplating:

  • Copper
  • Silver
  • Palladium
  • Platinum
  • Aluminum
  • Chrome
  • Titanium
  • Molybdenum

Pre-Deposited Patterned Solder

AuSn Solder Example
AuSn Solder Example

AuSn pre-deposited solder eliminates the need for pre-forms and improves assembly efficiency and reliability. Additionally, this option can be configured for feature sizes as small as .002" square. Pre-deposited AuSn thickness range is from 3 to 10 µm.

Plated Through-Holes and Filled Vias

Solid filled vias are available in gold and copper. Plated through-holes have diameters as low as 50% of the substrate thickness. Edge wrap-around techniques, including patterned edge wraps, can connect isolated front-to-back conductors.

Review our design guidelines on
plated through-holes and filled vias

Photolithography and Etching of Patterns

UltraSource incorporates the use of both Mylar and glass photo masks for use in our photolithography processes. We can routinely achieve accurate patterning of feature sizes down to .001" (25.4 µm). On a custom basis, .0004" (10 µm) can be achieved. Standard patterning tolerances are ± .0002" (5 µm) with special tolerances from ± .0001" (2.5 µm) down to ± .00005" (1.25 µm).


Singulation of thin film circuits from the substrates is achieved using the latest in high speed dicing saws and diamond based blades. This technology offers the most efficient means of singulating a broad range of substrate materials and metals. The standard tolerance is ± .001" (25.4 µm) and special tolerances of down to ± .0005" (12.7 µm) are available.

Multilayer Circuits

By combining our extensive knowledge of various substrates with our advanced UltraBridge™, UltraInductor™, and UltraCapacitor™ technologies, we can offer you multilayer solutions to circuit challenges that you might never have thought possible.

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